Retial store Cleaning

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Service Pro Inc is an industry leader and can offer a wide range of dealership cleaning solutions which work for the benefit of all the parties involved. You can pick from our following services to get a customized service package of your own:
  • Cleaning of carpets and toilets
  • Cleaning of high-traffic floors, sales manager offices, and waiting rooms
  • Maintenance of cleanliness in front desks, offices, showrooms, windows, and service bays


Skyrocket your sales:
Service Pro Inc helps you in creating a great first impression which immediately convinces your clients in making the deal. You take care of making profiting arrangements by selling automobiles while we ensure that your workstations and showroom areas kept spick and span.


A retail cleaning service can greatly benefit your supermarket by not only ensuring that regular janitorial duties are done but also to ensure that enough time is spent on making sure all areas of the floors are properly cleaned. Retail cleaning services take the time and effort to remove scuffs and sticky spots that will leave your floors clean. They will also take the time to ensure all surface are properly cleaned include doors, windows, shelves and display.

Shopping Centers

Skyrocket your sales:
There is a lot of space to keep clean in a large shopping center and a number of areas that need to be properly maintained on a regular basis. Hiring a retail store cleaning service can ensure that the entire center is left welcoming and professionally cleaned.
Areas that a retail store cleaning service cover includes; daily janitorial services such as trash collection, restroom clean up and service, dry sweep and damp mop of floors, cleaning entrance windows.
There are also a number of cleaning task that should be done on a regular basis but not necessarily everyday such as floor waxing, fountain cleaning, high rafter dusting to name a few.A cleaning service can ensure that all daily clean responsibilities are taken care of while also making sure the all other cleaning duties are being kept up to date.


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