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Office Cleaning Services

Office Cleaning Services

Calgary, Alberta's growing technology, financial and creative industries are among some of the fastest growing in North America, with over 4,000 companies in the professional services industry and over 6,000 companies in the consumer and other business services combined. In order to foster this kind of growth, employees typically spend anywhere from 40 to 60 hours of a work week in their offices.

As with any place we typically spend a lot of time, like our homes and offices, we can appreciate the peace of mind of a clean environment where we spend most of our waking, productive hours. This is where office cleaning services can foster a healthy working environment for your employees and produce a great first impression to clients seeking out your products and services.

In the long run, office cleaning services can not only deliver that kind of peace of mind for your customers and employees, it can save you time, energy and money that you would otherwise have set aside or budgeted for other aspects of growing your business.

Highlight your products and services – Not your mess

When a potential client enters your business, are they seeing the services and products your offer, or does that smudge on the floor or the odor coming from an overflowing trashcan make it difficult to perceive anything else—much less your services and products?

This happens more often than is recorded. For good reason! Your clients come into your office because you offer a service that they are looking for. If they come looking and dirty floors, smudged windows or stinking garbage, they will leave looking for what they came to you for to begin with.

So, anyone could understand why very few customers will tell you why they chose to turn down your services and products for your competitors'. A properly cleaned office can assure it isn't your office's hygiene that factors in your customers purchasing decisions.

If you are experiencing an unusual slump, take a moment to look round and see your place of business with a new set of eyes. An office cleaning service could be a game-changer for your business, preventing that smudge and terrible smell from becoming part of your company's identity.

Instead, a proper cleaning service could assure your customers are attracted to your company and not repelled by a messy office.

Healthy office – healthy business

Because employees spend the most amount of their time in your company's offices, an unclean work environment might be impacting your bottom line in more than just a few ways. This is another great reason to have office cleaning services come in and assure your office, building, or sales floor are in tip-top shape.

A lot of generous employers have implemented a company sick-leave policy. In some places, sick-leave is mandated by law. A dirty office environment can prevent your employees from focusing on the wants and needs of your customers. Employees with allergies and other sensitivities may find it difficult to maintain that top-notch customer service you expect while nursing a cough or a running nose, or even calling out altogether due to other serious illnesses that could have been prevented by a clean work space.

You might also take into account the deeper, mental health implications of an unclean office and how it effects your employees productivity. Employees working in unhealthy or stagnant office environments are prone to more stress, depression, or anxiety—all of which will jam the gears of progress in your organization. If your employees are out sick, there could be unnecessary delay in delivering on a customer's expectations. Stress and clutter could result in something as small as a minor oversight or even a bigger oversight that could cost not only money, but lives and potentially of a more libelous nature. It is not hard to see how these things can culminate in a bad experience for your customers.

Which brings up another good aspect to consider when looking into hiring an office cleaning service:

If your employees are worn out, sick and tired of pushing through the work-day to get the job done right, how does it effect your customers?

Customers who experience your office as stressful and grimy are less likely to return. Worse yet, they won't be mentioning you to their associates and colleagues, and if they do they will turning your customers away before they even walk through your door.

On a final note, it may be important ot point out, if you contact out your janitorial services, you free up your human resources, employee training hours, and work time other employees invest in cleaning up before getting to pursue your greater customer service and financial objectives.


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