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Carpet Cleaning Services

Carpet Cleaning Services

You bought a new carpet. It was all shiny and glossy at the start, and then the thing happened. Your dog peed on it, or you accidentally walked on it with your muddy boots. Darn the wet weather. Now what are you supposed to do? If you are filthy rich, you can go ahead and get a new carpet. But are you? Or is anyone that rich to throw away anything that becomes dirty? I believe not. What you (and most normal people, for that matter) would do is get the carpet cleaned. What should you opt for? You have two main options, dry cleaning the carpet, and steam cleaning it. Dry cleaning might sound like a good option, given the low waiting times and no wetness in your carpet. But people usually complain of odors and harsh chemicals that actually harm the carpet more than they clean them. Dry cleaning is misleading in this manner, as well. They actually use compounds and use little bit of moisture to help the compound absorb into the fabric.

Steam cleaning, on the other hand, is more traditional. Apart from the waiting times to dry the carpet, you can benefit from low costs, milder cleaning, and better smells from your carpet. Steam cleaning involves using steam, coupled with some detergent to dilute and break up the grime on your carpet, and then finally wash it off using steam (instead of water). Steam cleaning yourself involves some hot water, rented machine and detergent. And well, a few hours of dedicated time, some muscle work, and some dedicated effort into cleaning the carpet. What you can instead opt for, is hiring a steam cleaning company. The benefit of hiring a steam carpet cleaning company means the following:

  1. More life of your carpet:Since steam cleaning of the carpet involves mild detergent, you can be sure that the fabric of your carpet will not be harmed. Especially, if you spent a fortune in buying your precious carpet (there are two kinds of precious: a precious, and the Gollum-like precioussss.. If your carpet falls into the second category, you are better off getting the steam cleaning service), you should opt for it.
  2. Steam cleaning can be portable, and you can have doorstep service: Your cleaning service team can have a portable cleaning equipment right on their truck and you can get an instant service (not considering the time taken afterwards to dry the carpet).
  3. Steam cleaning is usually ‘manufacturer recommended’: Carpet manufacturers know what is the best for their carpets, and you can only do good by following their directions. They have made it, and know what works best for their creation. Believe in them.

Carpet steam cleaning services use specialized equipment to clean your carpet. Rotating brushes and the like help clean all the stubborn dirt on your carpet. After cleaning, some good services also have the equipment to pull water off your carpet, and this helps the carpet get back to your living room within no time. Hiring a steam cleaning company is simple. You have two options, either wrap up the carpet and walk into a steam cleaning service, or call up a mobile steam cleaning service, and get your carpet serviced right at your doorstep. With our service of carpet cleaning in Calgary, we are right there with you. You can contact us by phone or online, and expect the best service from us. Since this is the season of reveling (Halloween and Christmas are right around the corner), steam cleaning needs pick up, when your carpets get the dirtiest (more footfalls and children playing, you know). We would like you to know that we are always there for you.


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